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Quick Reference Sheets: Our Quick Reference sheets are packed full of useful information for webmasters of all levels. Look up special character codes, colors, CSS properties and attributes, HTML tags, and so much more.
HTML Reference Sheet: Use this handy HTML reference sheet to view all of the basic HTML tags and their applications! Bookmark this page to refer to whenever you need to verify your syntax.
CSS Reference Sheet: In this CSS quick reference sheet you can verify CSS properties, values and syntax - complete with examples. Don't forget to bookmark the page for future reference!
Color Codes Reference Sheet: Make sure you get the perfect colors for your design. A hexadecimal color code is a long thing to remember, so bookmark this page and use it as your color reference chart!
Special Characters Reference Sheet: Special character codes are hard to remember, and there are so many you can use. This reference sheet gives you a name code, number code and description for each glyph!
Web Templates Consumer Tip    Did you know that 95% of the time when you design a web site you do not need to purchase a multi-page template   package? Designers who sell these packages would like for you to think so, but it simply is not true. You can add your links and create your multiple pages yourself within minutes. That saves you money and valuable time trying to figure out what and where they linked the pages (that you do not need) or where to link pages you might need to add.

The most talked about FREE website tools, templates and more resource, Bravenet offers quality, professionally designed web templates. Each template includes everthing needed to enable you to design your site correctly the first time. has quickly became one of the most valuable websitee interactive tools resources in every serious webmasters arsenal of design tools and they have been featured on many of the high profile sites.

  • A fully functional HTML website template with graphics in .gif or .jpg formats.
  • Each template is designed for high performance and maximum design effectiveness with HTML thatis easily edited in any HTML editor program.
  • Bravenet's tech support and knowledge base is available free of charge to all customers.
  • All of the elements within each of the templates are easily modified to provide you with the look and feel that you want.

With 500+ design layouts to choose from and 100's of easy to use webmaster tools, very few people ever leave Bravenet without finding at least one template and all the interactive tools they'll ever need to make an exceptional looking personal, family, business, club, organizational or ? website that they'll always be proud of. Go there now and get your free website & tools!

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