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Meet our Webmaster - The Son of Odin!

The Son of Odin Odin
Odin was the Viking God of warriors and kings. He was also known as the god of war, poetry, wisdom and death. He is said to have had many sons most of which died and went to the "underworld " in the "final battle" the Vikings called Ragnarok.

My name is Chip, son of Odin and a member of the Aesir.. also known as the Wizard of Guru's and protector of Nurds. My main function in life seems to be to train people in the "right" way to screw up their computers. Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way. The right way is to learn about it first or ask someone with knowledge before you try it. The wrong way is to try it anyway and then have to pay someone to fix it. The wrong way usually costs a lot of money and down time. The main thing to keep in mind is that if you are not sure about something...Don't try it on your home computer - try it on the one at work first. (They can afford to pay someone to fix it with the money they say they don't have for the employee bonuses.) That way if you screw it up and it doesn't work, your home computer will still work fine. I've been into computers for over 18 years and every day, I still find "stuff" I'm not sure of. One of the best "How To" tools I've found so far is the "Dummies" series of books from IDG Books Worldwide. These are available almost everywhere. The Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME & XP for Dummies are invaluable tools for learning these systems.

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There are many "utility" programs out there for fine tuning and keeping your system safe and in top operating condition. My preferences are the ZoneAlarm, the Norton/Symantec and the McAfee products. I have all their products and use them everyday. 99% of the time when I screw something up, they help me recover completely and all of them have excellent customer support and regular updates for their products.

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